Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Don't they know, at the haircut place, that I haven't had my hair cut since November or possibly August? Can't they see that I look like a feral metal dude? How could they have mistaken my "Wednesday" for a "Friday?" I protest this dreadful mistake by holing up in my room with books/computer/guitar to spite the nice weather.
onetwothree this is what I've been thinking about

The vague resemblance Serena VanderW. bears to Laura Palmer--the haunted blonde, misunderstood, caught in webs of intrigue which, it seems, she cannot control, except when you realize that perhaps she has, indeed, a deep and terrible grasp of her surroundings.

Why it is that so much art devotes itself to itself: we watch movies about making movies about artists making their art, we read books about writing writers, but we don't make movies or art or write; we come home from work, cook pasta and consume and think we derive something about talent or torment or the relevancy of the beautiful to a prosaic way of being.

Which is obvs not to say that one should read books like this one about strategic personae one can adapt to push forward positive change and get ahead within one's organization, just that it's sometimes hard to bring things to bear on each other. The Poussin show at the Met was really great.

Also, Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love were about my age when they got married, which, the more I think about it, makes no sense at all, both these two facts and the fact that I'm thinking about it. Also, I saw the Daniel Johnston documentary, which proves that the best documentaries tend to depict moments or people who document themselves (cf Capturing the Friedmans).

As a Lord of the Rings-influenced big-budget martial arts movie featuring a training montage wherein a pudgy film nerd buffs up and sprouts a ponytail,The Forbidden Kingdom may prove the least cool movie in the history of cinema and probably, the more references one catches to other kung-fu movies or to LOTR, the wider the chasm separating one from "acceptable" grows. I could still maybe pole vault?

listen to the New Bloods. That's it, i think.

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