Wednesday, October 24, 2007

i finally saw mika miko

No, but seriously, I am not one to judge what is or isn't punk; I didn't own Rocket to fucking Russia till Ben gave it to me for my birthday LAST YEAR and I had a korperkultur job interview in an east midtown highrise yesterday that left me so dizzied and confused that I bolted about 50 blocks in high-ish heels and scarfed a weird hippie Chinese-flavored burrito I was barely hungry for before I knew what had happened. But after I saw this band all I could say to anyone was "that was the punkest thing I have ever seen in my life," because if there is anything more punk than wasted L.A. teenagers falling on top of each other barely sober enough to play, telling their even drunker audience to fuck off and die, and still somehow emitting raging near-danceable jams that have obviously heard like, the Raincoats but also like, the Middle Class, it would probably have my brains spewing out of my ears or something. I have rarely felt more inspired.

Friday, October 12, 2007

we die and we're born again

Remember when we were little and in college and every week would vie for free tickets to this or that unmissable thing at the Knitting Factory or Northsix, or trek down to ABC No Rio in what was invariably dreary weather to stand twixt mouldering crusties and then wait for an hour to get an Unturkey Club at Kate's? And we'd see grad students who'd go to maybe 1 show a year and think how hard it must be to grow old?

Right. There are like five bands I like in America now, primarily, as the Gnars points out, in the subgenre of Hipster Hardcore, and they're all playing in the next few weeks. So while enjoying a temporary burst of youthful raging, I can soon refocus my attention on things like the $468 coat I want or going to the farmer's market, or um, school or something silly, and not worry about seeing bands for another while.

10/18 and 20 Clockcleaner, whose hilarious-offensive shtick would be so tired if they weren't the best T&Gcore band since uh, the days of T&Gcore.

10/17 and 21 Mika Miko, who I missed every one of the like 10 times they played here this summer. After I heard their newest ep-thing, 666, I texted someone, "now I like music again." On the 21st they're playing with Finally Punk, who I'm stoked to see after reading Layla's many ardent recommendations.

10/17 (reputedly, can't find any info on this) the mighty SEX/VID, severely awesome hc from the northwest for whom I am skipping class. Sophomoreyearin'!

In a different vein entirely, members of Espers are playing their original soundtrack for the stunning insano Czech movie Valerie and Her Week of Wonders at MoMa on 10/27.

Finally, on 11/10 Fucked Up are playing.

Oh also, guess what, I am affiliated with yet another blog. Since IFD is (alas!) kind of fallow of late, I feel ok about this one. Here are my co-bloggers on our trip to Lancaster County:

Sike! Sarah is not a pony! But anyway, it's a group recipe blog (uh-huh). Let's eat!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

blithe ignorance: a noble tradition.

From someone named Jean-Paul Richter ca. the turn of the 19th century, quoted in Kittler, F. Discourse Networks 1800/1900 p. 145

"The feminine reader, her reading habits are ten times worse, but a hundred times less curable. Let us by all means leave her to do what she will--the silk scrap or thread may fall out of her book, or the open book on her lap may be turned upside down and sht by someone else, so that she won't know where she was. Or, for the sake of the story, she may begin with the Revelation of St. John and then read until she reaches Genesis and the creation--at least she will finish her book, and let that be sufficient for everyone. Indeed she will finish it sooner than a male reader, because she is not delayed by any sentences, to say nothing of words, that she doesn't understand; rather, more concerned with the whole, she will continue on. She owes this splendid habit at least in part to the conversation of men, where daily hundreds of technical words from law and medicine and other areas fly by her, without anyone taking the time to explain them."